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topshines: autism success stories

EPISODIO 07: Tiffany Tripp

A mother raising awareness about autism

📺 Autism isn’t just what we see in series like #TheGoodDoctor or #RainMan.
🏆 Welcome to a new
Today we will learn the story of @life_with_severe_autism ❤️.
❤️‍🩹After the diagnosis of severe autism, Tiffany and her husband faced grief and acceptance. With love and patience, they learned to communicate and support their son, Gunner.
💪🏻 Tiffany founded “Life with Severe Autism” to raise awareness and connect with other parents, showing that even those with profound autism have much to offer.
✨ She leaves a powerful message for parents of children on the spectrum: “Let’s stop focusing on what they can’t do. Let’s appreciate the many things they CAN do!”
💫 Discover the full story at divershines.com
🔗 Tiffany tells us how it was to accept the diagnosis, the therapies that Gunner had to go through, and how she, as a mother, was able to enter her son’s world. If you are a parent, this story will touch your heart 🫶.

Tiffany Tripp

Tiffany Tripp

Instagram: @life_with_severe_autism
Tiktok: @life_with_severe_autism_
Language: English

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