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Co-Founder & CEO DiverShines

Patricia Ibarra brings over 15 years of deep expertise in brand development, business growth, and digital marketing, spanning the retail industry in Latin America and globally. Her professional journey is marked by a fervent passion for creating meaningful relationships and a talent for visionary leadership in high-risk environments. Patricia’s exceptional skills in people management, strategic problem-solving, and communication have been instrumental in driving business success and innovation.


Born in Venezuela and having resided in three different countries, Patricia has forged a rich cultural and professional experience that has profoundly shaped her perspective on diversity and inclusion. Her personal commitment to advocating for neurodiverse individuals is nurtured by her multifaceted life as a dedicated businesswoman, wife of a neurodivergent individual, stepmother of two children, and close family member of individuals on the autism spectrum. These experiences have not only enriched her existence but also cemented her unwavering determination to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to develop their full potential and thrive in an inclusive environment.


At Divershines, Patricia leverages her extensive experience to lead initiatives that foster inclusion and provide opportunities for all, especially within the neurodiverse community. Her vision is clear: to create a world where everyone is seen and supported, helping unleash the potential residing in each person. Patricia’s leadership is not just about business success; it’s about making a lasting impact on society by cultivating an environment where diversity is not only accepted but celebrated.

Co-Founder & COO DiverShines

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Joylin Trechi is an accomplished professional with over 17 years of experience in demand planning and supply management at global giants. Her diverse career spans multiple markets, including Venezuela, Latin America, and Travel Retail Americas, where she has consistently demonstrated a proactive, results-oriented approach to overcoming business challenges.


Born and raised in Venezuela, Joylin’s entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted in a commitment to social impact, driving her to leverage her corporate experience for broader, community-focused goals. Her passion for entrepreneurship is fueled by a personal journey as a mother of an inspiring neurodivergent child, whose experiences have ignited her determination to advocate for and promote the talents of individuals on the spectrum.


At Divershines, Joylin combines her solid background in strategic management with her personal perspectives as a family-oriented businesswoman. She is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that not only advance the company’s mission but also cultivate an inclusive environment where neurodivergent individuals have the power to excel. Joylin’s vision for Divershines is to transform the landscape of opportunities, making inclusion a cornerstone of every initiative, and ensuring that each person’s unique abilities are celebrated and nurtured.

joylin trechi profile picture at the office