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An Entrepreneur and writer who has turned his condition of Asperger's or Autism Level 1 into his strength.

Orlando was diagnosed at the age of 22 during a time of significant changes in his life that led to deep frustration.

Fortunately, as the time went by and the necessary support, he was able to recognize his strengths and focus on his professional and personal development.

His continuous learning and passion for entrepreneurship motivated him to create his company “Asperger para Asperger”, a social proposal that seeks to promote the inclusion of people within the spectrum, especially those with level 1 autism or Asperger. Additionally, created an application called “Escudo Seguro” which questions about workplace inclusion and empathy, employment, and partner relationships between Asperger individuals and any cognitive diversity are answered.

Orlando has written 5 books, available in Spanish and English, based on his experience as a neurodivergent person:


· Traveling 40 Years on Mars: What I’ve Learned as an Asperger

· Asperger Passenger 2020: from uncertainty to opportunity in times of pandemic

· From Difficulty to Achievement: computer programming and 18 Strategies that helped mentally structure an Asperger individual.

· Bullying in the Autism Spectrum: Strategies and Solutions from an Asperger individual

· Asperger Minds, Brilliants Minds: 35 inspiring stories of individuals on the Autism Spectrum who broke barriers and left a mark on humanity.


Learn his full story!

Orlando Javier Jaramillo Gutierrez

Orlando Javier Jaramillo Gutierrez

Instagram: @aspergerparaasperger
Website: www.aspergerparaasperger.org
Language: Spanish

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