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The Importance of Financial Planning

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Hello, I am Mariela Scovino, a Venezuelan dedicated to providing simple and accurate information on how to use the financial tools available in the U.S. to improve our lives. My goal is to help protect and plan our personal and family finances. 

Three Major Risks in Life

In our lives, we face three major risks: 


  1. Early Death: The possibility of dying prematurely.
  2. Disability due to Illness or Accident: The possibility of becoming disabled and unable to work for a certain period or permanently.
  3. Living a Long Life without Sufficient Resources: The possibility of living many years without enough money to support ourselves.
The Importance of Financial Planning

It is crucial to be prepared for each of these scenarios. Proper financial planning can transform lives, especially for families with children who require special attention. 

And the wonderful news is that in this country, we have tools that allow us to shield ourselves from these risks and not leave financial well-being to chance. 

Permanent Life Insurance: A Powerful Tool

Permanent life insurance can be a powerful tool to protect us from these risks, allowing us, among other benefits: 

  1. To leave a liquid estate to our loved ones to continue without us in case of an early death. 

  2. To have enough money if we become disabled due to an illness or accident.

  3. To save money while it grows with compound interest without risks and with tax advantages, to use along the way or in our retirement. 

It is very important to take the time to meet with a financial advisor and understand which product benefits you the most and provides you with the peace of mind you deserve. This process is fully adjustable to your personal and financial situation. 

I offer my knowledge to provide you with information and personalize different scenarios. I look forward to seeing you on my calendar. See you soon in my Zoom room. 

See you soon, 


Mariela Scovino


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Mariela Scovino

Mariela Scovino

Insurance Specialist / Financial Services
Instagram: @marielascovino
Language: English/Spanish

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