Benefits of Asperger's at work: Harnessing our unique strengths as Asperger's employees

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As individuals with Asperger’s syndrome, we often face challenges in communication, but we also possess exceptional strengths that can benefit our employers in various ways. 

It’s important for them to understand the difficulties associated with Asperger’s syndrome so that they grasp our needs and specific characteristics in the work environment. 
We have a low tolerance for frustration and change, so we appreciate a structured work environment that is tailored to our needs. 

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But beyond the challenges, there are four key benefits that we can bring as employees with Asperger’s: 

  1. Exceptional focus: We have the ability to intensely focus on our particular interests. This skill allows us to be highly productive and dedicated in areas that we are passionate about. As employees, we can provide a unique focus and unparalleled dedication to specific projects that benefit the company.
  2. Attention to detail and pattern recognition: Our attention to detail is a strength that we can leverage in the workplace. We have a natural ability to detect patterns and errors in specific tasks, such as reviewing programming code or identifying trends in data sets. This ability enables us to contribute to improving the quality and accuracy of projects.
  3. Unique creativity: Our unconventional way of thinking can bring a fresh and innovative perspective to work teams. Our ability to see things from different angles and propose original solutions can drive creativity and innovation within the company.
  4. Perseverance and determination: We are known for our level of commitment and determination to overcome obstacles. We don’t rest until we achieve desired results and ensure that assigned tasks are successfully completed. Our perseverance is a valuable asset that we can bring to any project or work challenge.

We can therefore say that employees with Asperger’s can provide significant benefits to our employers by taking advantage of our unique strengths. Our exceptional focus, detail, creativity and perseverance can directly contribute to the success of the company. Recognizing and valuing these strengths promotes an inclusive work environment and fosters growth at both the individual and organizational levels. 

Orlando Javier Jaramillo Gutierrez

Orlando Javier Jaramillo Gutierrez

Instagram: @aspergerparaasperger
Website: www.aspergerparaasperger.org
Language: Spanish

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