Challenging Workplace Stigmas in the Asperger and Autistic Community

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By promoting the Asperger Social and Educational Club for Asperger, we’ve experienced this form of discrimination from some individuals. Despite extensive preparation, developed resources, and the positive impact we’ve had on our community, it has been hinted at times that we shouldn’t charge (nothing is free in the world), coming from some individuals who have Asperger and autistic children. 

Let me be clear: these insinuations are not only unfair but also underestimate the unique talents and abilities that people with Asperger and autism can bring to the world. 

Asperger for Asperger is a social enterprise with a clear mission. Our goal is to provide tools and solutions for the spectrum community. We self-finance through the income from books, solutions, and other services we offer. 

The idea that we should offer our services for free is not only a harmful myth but also a way to devalue all the effort and work we’ve put into building a community that is safe, inclusive, and enriching for all its members. 

The money generated is reinvested in the community, allowing, among other things, the provision of scholarships for members with limited financial resources. 

It’s essential to understand that a person’s value, their ability to contribute to work and lead, cannot be judged based on a diagnosis. 

Talent knows no boundaries and manifests in all communities, including those with cognitive diversity. 

Instead of allowing stigmas and prejudices to cloud our assessment of work and leadership, it’s time to adopt a more inclusive perspective that recognizes the intrinsic value of each individual. 

Being assertive on this issue is crucial. It’s not just about defending our rights as individuals but also about advancing a larger cause of equality and respect for all. 

It’s our collective responsibility to challenge these stigmas and work together to build a society that celebrates, rather than minimizes, diversity and inclusion. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please join us in this important effort to change perceptions and open opportunities for everyone, regardless of their place on the spectrum. 


Do you know about the current promotion and the activity on emerging technologies that we did in the social club? 


Orlando Javier Jaramillo Gutierrez

Orlando Javier Jaramillo Gutierrez

Instagram: @aspergerparaasperger
Website: www.aspergerparaasperger.org
Language: Spanish

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