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AUTISM!!! Unfortunately, a word that scares, paralyzes, and at first, shatters all your dreams and hopes. Yet, despite the challenges hidden deep within it, it has also helped me understand myself, comprehend myself, and above all, accept myself.  

AUTISM, even today, ignorance continues to breed limitations, rejection, and few opportunities for achieving complete inclusion for the present and future of each person within the autism spectrum (TEA).  

AUTISM, a dreaded word that, when it enters your home, initially takes everything, even what hasn’t yet happened (it takes dreams and desires). Fear appears, uncertainty, fatigue, despair, but above all, the confusion of what will happen.  

dr abraham ross

I’m fortunate to have found on this tireless, never-ending journey, people who day by day have made and continue to make everything a bit simpler. And so, when one is fortunate enough to find what motivates and interests them, everything starts making sense. I dislike changes, they stress me, block me, and even cause my demeanor to constantly fluctuate. But we couldn’t pass up this opportunity, I couldn’t reject this wonderful challenge of starting a life in Mexico while simultaneously being able to share and assist so many families (teachers, professionals) in living with autism!!  

The change depends on us, on society. We can try day after day, even if we barely glimpse an improvement in everything around us. Nonetheless, I believe that through persistence and demonstrating that change is possible with the necessary dedication, willpower, and persistence, we can persuade society and those who still hold the “power” to improve laws, education, healthcare, public places, etc., to decide that perhaps the time has come to provide more “opportunities” to individuals within the spectrum, to those with needs, to those who, due to their condition, have special requirements and who, along with their families, fight every day for greater and better inclusion. Don’t stop, make a difference. 

Abraham Ros De La Fuente

Abraham Ros De La Fuente

Instagram: @asperger_y_mi_yo
Website: https://drasperger.com
Language: Spanish

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